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July 2012
 Adding new plugins to our system which allows you ... [more]
May 2012
 We have finished a very interesting project for on... [more]
March 2012
 We are still developing our system to create simpl... [more]
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R&M Development Ltd does not hold any responsibility for submitted by its Customers images or products uploaded to the database using built-in Administration Panel. Graphic elements are used on clearly expressed guidelines by Customers. Customers, according to signed proposal, are the solemn owners of copyright rights to use all elements either as a part of the design or as products displayed.



Fully online, database driven ordering system with online catalogue. Specially designed administration module allows to add, modify, remove products and categories. New option for displaying promotions will compliment the design and products. Website allows to check the existing offers and choose a product as well as find more information about every detail before purchase. Currently under development.

Another example of database driven website. This one has been built as an extension to an existing website but displays only particular products from selected categories.
The best example of a support website and centralised administration.
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